My first experience with massage was when I played professional ice hockey, in Sweden, my native country. Before every game two masseurs would help our players loosen and relax before getting on the ice. For me the massage experience was essential and produced a transformative change in my feelings of relaxation, calm and readiness to perform. This was the start of a lifelong interest in massage, and other therapeutic exercises and practices that would not only make me feel a lot better, but would also help me to perform far better in sports and everyday activites.

Christer Kihlstrom

Soon after finishing my ice hockey career I began practicing the eastern art of Tai Chi Chuan, as both a therapeutic exercise for health and also as a martial art. Over the years I made steady process, learning directly from one of Europe’s legendary teachers, Dan Docherty. After achieving instructor level in the art, I moved to London in order to further my understanding of all elements of Tai Chi practice, as well as Qigong and Neigong (Taoist Yoga). I began training with Neil Rosiak, another authentic teacher of pure Tai Chi.

Over the years I competed and won significant championships, including the British and European super heavyweight championships.

In 2015 I decided to combine my passion for therapeutic exercise and massage. I began studying for the internationally credited ITEC qualification, become certified as a Swedish massage professional. I am continually refining my practice as a masseur, and in 2017 I was aware with my ITEC level 3 in sports massage too.

As a former professional sportsman and lifelong martial arts practitioner and teacher, I integrate all I have learned about the science and practice of movement, stillness and tranquility to provide my clients with a very complete therapeutic massage experience.


  • Itec level 4 in sport massage St Mary’s university 2020
  • Itec level 3 in Sport Massage St Mary’s university 2017
  • Itec level 3 in Swedish Massage Gateway Workshop 2015
  • 25 years Tai Chi Chuan training

Christer Kihlstrom